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Team Spiderz Buy-In Packages for 2018! Apply Now!

Team Spiderz Batting Gloves Buy-In Packages – We are now excepting team Buy-In requests for 2018! Simply FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW stating your team name, team location, where you play throughout the year, and something about your team that would make us want to give you a deal. Approved Teams will get a substantial discount on Spiderz Batting Gloves and Gear! Please Note: as much as we want to, we cannot give out team sponsorship. So, we politely ask, to not ask. Our Team Spiderz Buy-In Package is our form of sponsorship.


Team Batting Gloves – Discounts on both Stock and Custom Spiderz Batting Gloves
*Team Spiderz Jerseys– Once your team is Approved, and set with Team Batting Gloves, you have the *OPTION to order Team Spiderz Jerseys (pictured above and right) in your team color to wear as an alternate jersey.

*Team Spiderz Hats & Headbands– Your team will also have the *OPTION to order Team Spiderz Hats and Headbands in your team colors at Team Price.

*Custom Spiderz Elite Fielding Gloves– As being a part of the 2018 Team Spiderz, you’ll also get a great discount on custom Spiderz Fielding Gloves too!

Please Note: We are not custom team uniform suppliers. We offer Team Spiderz jerseys with your player numbers on them in your team colors, but do not offer Custom Jerseys at this time.

Send us a message using the form below, and we will be in touch. NOTE: Please fill out all the info, as we will not respond to messages with no information about your team.