Frequently Asked Questions 


Lets start with the big question!

Q: What's the difference between your different models? 

A: Our WEB and HYBRID models feature a silicone spider web fused onto the palm for grip enhancement with today's stock and after market bat grips (they work great with wood bat finishes too!) Both models also feature a Palm Pad on the bottom of the palm (area where most batting gloves wear down first) that absorbs the pounding of multiple BP sessions and games. The main difference between these 2 models is the raised, molded rubber, top hand Spiderz logo that is on the HYBRID. This raised spider acts as a layer of hand protection in the event you clipped by a ball that is high and tight! 

Our ENDITE model uses the same raised top hand Spiderz logo as the HYBRID, but features a 1-piece premium textured leather palm, for a better "feel" of the bat. This model doesn't have a Palm Pad either, as we try to keep the palm surface as even as possible to enhance that "feel". Our premium textured leather palm is approx .2mm thicker than your average batting glove on the market today, making the gloves more durable. While feeling a tad stiff in your 1st few swings (because of this extra .2mm), these gloves loosen up quickly and form fit to your hand for a great feel.

Our LITE model is just that......super light! We us a super thin polyester top hand design and screened Spiderz logo, making these gloves feel like you are wearing nothing at all. The palm features a thin embossed spider web layer of silicone to give you the great Spiderz grip. No Palm Pad, to keep these gloves as THIN as possible. Best of both worlds, GRIP and FEEL!

Our WEB and PRO model (discontinued), feature a top hand design that caters to all the flex points of your hand. The, PRO model differs from the WEB in such that it uses a 1-piece premium textured leather palm instead of the silicone spider web grip.


  • HYBRID = Our Cadillac Model. Great fit and grip, top hand protection, looks awesome and most durable model we offer!
  • WEB = Same as the HYBRID, with a different top hand design
  • ENDITE = Same top hand design as HYBRID, but with a leather palm. Gives the glove more FEEL, over grip. 
  • LITE = Super thin top hand and palm. Great Feel and Grip!
  • PRO = Same top hand design as WEB, but with a leather palm, Gives the gloves a better Feel and Fit, over grip. 


Q: How do your batting gloves fit compared to other batting gloves on the market?

A: Because we use a lot of polyester in our top hand designs, our gloves tend to be more flexible/stretch when putting them on. That being said, our gloves fit a TAD big compared to others on the market today. If you are between sizes, go with the smaller size. Otherwise, you should be safe ordering the typical batting glove size you have been wearing.




Q: Do you offer an exchange policy?

A: Yes. In the event you purchase a pair of our batting gloves and they do not fit properly, simply contact us via our website for return authorization https://spiderzbattinggloves.com/pages/return-policy They need to be sent back in NEW, unworn condition, and we will exchange for what you need, (difference in price will be charged or refunded if you select a different priced option in exchange).


Q: Do you offer a Warranty?

A: We do not have an official Warranty Program, as every player uses their gloves differently. We know players who take 200-300 swings/BP session and hit 5 days a week, and then we know players who play only 12 league games a year and that's it! So many different routines that it's impossible for us to put a "TIME FRAME" on a Warranty. However, if something happens to the gloves right out of the wrapper (within a few days of purchase/receipt), contact us through the website and we will determine if it makes sense or not to replace. 


Q: Do you offer Team Sponsorships?

A: Short answer is no. We know far too many people in the game where we would not be able to draw a clear line of who gets sponsorship, and who doesnt, without offending someone. Instead, we offer all teams our Buy In Packages. Bring us your team, and we can offer you deep discounts on Spiderz Batting Gloves, Full and/or Sub Dye Jerseys, Hats, Fielding Gloves, Bat Grips and more. Click here, TEAM DEALS, for more information. 


Q: Do you offer Custom Batting Gloves?

A: We absolutely do! However, you need a minimum order of (12) pair to create custom batting gloves. This works great for Teams and Organizations who can easily hit these minimums. Prices vary, as we have many different options. If interested, please contact custom@spiderzbattinggloves.com and we will get you the information needed in regards to our custom batting glove program. 


Q: The pair I am looking for has been Sold Out for a while now, when will it be back in stock?

A: Most of our color runs are done in limited batches, many of the times less than (500) pair made in any given color combo (we made a super limited run of just 8 pair in one design before!). If we think that a particular color run sold well (such as the popular USA Flag HYBRID, we will make more. If we feel that color didn't sell as well as we hoped ('14 "Bad Medicine"), we may never run that exact color combo again. Long story short, if you see a color you like, BUY IT NOW! 


Q: What is the difference between your PREMIER and PRO Fielding Glove Models?


Pro – Oil Tumbled Taiwanese Cowhide

               Extremely Soft and Easy to Break-In.  Basically a Game Ready Leather.

 Ultra – Korean Steerhide

               High End Leather that has a Minimal Break-In. Expect 2-3 Weeks of Break-In Time.

 Premier – Japanese Kip

               The Gold Standard of Leathers, But an Extremely Long Break-In. Expect 1-2 Months of Break-In Time.