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You asked for it, Spiderz delivers…..VEGAS BABY! What better way to spend the 1st weekend in December, but to be playing in the All World Sports Las Vegas Worlds Slow Pitch Softball Tournament. We are now forming Free Agent team’s in Mens E, Mens D, Coed E, Coed D, Coed Open and have put together the “High Roller” package to make sure you are looking the part of a potential World Championship Team!

There are no requirements or restrictions to be part of any of these teams, other than we will not be forming a Mens Open team. Simply let us know what your top 2 positions played are, and we will place you on a team with other “Free Agents” from around the country. Meet some new people in the softball world, and who knows, win a AWS Worlds Championship Ring!
WHEN: December 2-4 (yes, the tournament runs SaturdayMonday)
WHERE: Las Vegas, NV (multiple softball complexes throughout the city including Big League Dreams)
RULES: 3 Game Guarantee. This tournament follows USSSA game rules, and bat restrictions.
WHO: You will be assigned to a Free Agent/Spiderz team by Spiderz management based on the info you provide below. You will be playing with other “Free Agents” from across the country (maybe the World?). If you have a special request to be on the same team as a friend who is also participating in the Free Agent/Spiderz High Roller package, leave a request to be with them and their name in the notes section below.
UNIFORM: As part of this package, Spiderz will provide you with the following Free Agent/Spiderz gear with your requested Jersey # and size: (1) Ltd Edition Vegas Free Agent/Spiderz Full Dye Short Sleeve Jersey, (1) Ltd Edition Vegas Free Agent/Spiderz Sub Dye Long Sleeve Jersey, (1) Pair of Free Agent/Spiderz Microfiber Shorts, (1) Free Agent/Spiderz The Game Pro Hat, (1) Pair of personalized Spiderz Batting Gloves, (1) Spiderz Bat Grip, (1) Off The Field Spiderz Hat, (1) Off The Field Spiderz 3/4 Sleeve Shirt, (1) Spiderz Beanie – (over $250 msrp value – Gold color package shown will be assigned to 1 team, as each team will have a different color theme)
COST: $249.99/player – Includes the Uniform Package above as well as the $400 Team Entry Fee and $35 Annual AWS Team Registration Fee. NOTE: We will not “Hold” a spot for anyone. 1st Paid are in!
**BONUS** The Free Agent/Spiderz Meetup: Not quite the Catalina Wine Mixer, but you get the picture! You will need to pick up your Free Agent/Spiderz High Roller Package gear from us in Las Vegas on FRIDAY, December 1, 2017. That being said, Spiderz has rented a 3,300 sq ft penthouse at the Palms where we invite you to pick up your gear, check out some of our new 2018 products, meet some of your new teammates, have a cocktail with us, and maybe meet a “special guest” as you over look the Vegas Strip from our 800 sq ft balcony!!! (disclaimer: this is not a “party”, simply a social meet up for our Free Agent Team(s))
SUMMARY: You pay for the Limited Edition High Roller uniform package, we sponsor the Team Entry Fee, Team Registration Fee and get your trip started right by throwing a nice little “mixer” your 1st night in Sin City!
Deadline to sign up is October 20th, or until teams fill up! Limited to (11) Men per Men’s Team and (6)Men and (6)Women per Coed Team. Looking for (5-6) Teams Max
Spots Available as of 9/21/17 9:00AM
All Teams are Full at this time!!




Q: Does the $249.99 cover my hotel and flight too?

A: No. You’re on your own for booking travel and hotel. However, we will be forming Facebook Groups for all the team members once each team is filled. You may be able to communicate with teammates and split rooms, drive together or what not to save on travel expense. We also found great hotel deals for that weekend on sites like ($60/night at decent places like Luxor, Excalibur, Statosphere etc). Everyone has there own standards, so we will leave that up to you!


Q: If we have a group of people sign up, can we all play on the same team?

A: Yes! Sounds like fun! Leave their names in the notes/comments section at checkout, and we will make sure you are with them.


Q: Can we play on multiple Free Agent Teams (ie coed and mens)?

A: No. It will be impossible to predict game times and do not want to risk same game time conflicts.


Q: Will you create multiple teams in the same division if 1 fills up?

A: We will! However, once we fill up the 1st squad, we will make sure there is enough interest for a 2nd squad.


Q: What if the team I signed up for doesnt fill up?

A: We will contact you and review any open roster spots on other Free Agent Teams. We also have (5-7) Spiderz players who will not be declaring a team until the deadline, to help fill in the gaps where needed.