The Importance of Batting Gloves

Baseball Batting Gloves

Batting gloves serve an important purpose in baseball and softball gameplay.  Batting gloves give you a better grip when you hold your bat, and can allow you to hit with more force because of the added grip.   

Baseball Batting Gloves- Function

Although the main function of baseball batting gloves is to improve batting, there is definitely an opportunity to show off your style with custom batting gloves.  Spiderz custom batting gloves give you the opportunity to design every aspect of your glove, and offer a superior product than other top rated baseball batting glove companies. 

There are many different reasons to wear batting gloves, with added grip being one of the most important.  In addition to a better grip, the sticky texture can help hitters have more control over their bats.

Baseball Batting Gloves- Protection

Batting gloves can also help to protect players from the elements.  Warm temperatures can cause your hands to sweat, and gloves can help to prevent your hands from slipping.  In cooler weather, baseball batting gloves can help to protect your hands from the vibration of the bat when it makes contact with the ball.  

Baseball Batting Gloves- Alternatives

On the other side of the spectrum, a lot of players wrap their bats with bat grip tape to increase their grip and improve control when swinging their bats.  For some players, this added grip can be so beneficial that they do not feel the need to wear baseball batting gloves.  Having your bare hands directly on the bat can also be a satisfying feeling for many baseball players. 

Some players prefer to use pine tar rubbed on their wooden bat instead of using batting gloves.  Baseball players are even known to rub their hands with pine tar before they step up to bat. The downside to pine tar is that it can get extremely messy.  This is especially true in warm weather when it can get runny and get all over your uniform.

Baseball Batting Gloves- Custom Vs Featured

Spiderz offers you the option to customize your own batting gloves.  They offer two different models and over fifteen different colors to choose from for every bit of the glove.   Even if you do not choose to make your own custom batting gloves, Spiderz offers some amazing designs on their site.  Spiderz HYBRID batting gloves feature the original spider web palm design that offers maximum grip.  It also has flex cut knuckles that offer a better fit.  

The Spiderz ENDITE baseball batting glove has an improved thumb design that allows better grip on your bat.  This batting glove line also uses a softer and more comfortable palm leather for added cushion.  

Baseball Batting Gloves- SpiderzUsing batting gloves is not an absolute necessity to hit well, but it certainly can offer a better grip and increased confidence.  If you decide to use a batting glove, then Spiderz is the way to go.  They have so many colorful and amazing designs that you will surely find one that expresses your personality.  Spiderz also offers custom batting gloves for the baseball players that really want to let their style shine.