Rules of Softball

Running the bases

In a softball game, there are four bases, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and home plate. Players are required to step on every base as they move around the baseball diamond. The movement on the bases must be in order A team is given a run if the runner makes it safely to the final base without being tagged out. If multiple runners touch every base, several runs can be scored on the same play. One hit can also allow the runners to progress to more than one base if they have time to reach that net base without being tagged out. 

 3 Outs

Every team is permitted three outs when at bat each inning. Innings are divided into two halves. The top half of the inning is the away team batting and the bottom half of the inning is the home team batting. 

An out occurs when the rival team catches a flyball, strikes out a batter, or tags out a runner. Every team tries  to reduce their own outs while battling, and get three outs as soon as possible while in the field.

 3 Strikes

At every at bat, the batter is given three the opportunity to receive three thrown strikes and up to four thrown balls, or a combination. A batters number one goal is to not strike out.  . Umpires stand behind home plate  and determine if a pitch is a strike or a ball. 

To be judged a strike, a pitch should fall inside the strike zone, a fictional section above the home plate in the middle of the batter’s knees and below the section of the shoulders. A swing by the batter at any pitch thrown that does not touch the ball becomes a strike also. 

 4 Balls

At each at bat, if the pitcher throws four balls before throwing three strikes, the player will be given position on first base. If another runner is already occupying first base, they are permitted to proceed to second base. Balls are pitches that are outside of a batter’s determined strike area. 

7 Innings

In every softball game, there are seven innings played.  Whichever team has more runs at the close of the seven innings, is deemed victorious. In the case of a tie at the end of the seven innings, more innings will be played to get the winner, based on the league rules..

9 Players

There are nine active players in any particular game. There are nine positions in softball, and each player must take a particular location. Substitutions of the players are also allowed in case of injuries or a fresh batter is needed. A slow-pitch softball and ordinary distinction of the sport have ten  players in a game.

Underhand Pitching

A ball is thrown in an underhand movement with their hands under their hips.  Good pitchers put a lot of backspin on the softball, which helps it go further.  They also use their whole body instead of just their arm to give added power.  

Foul Balls

Foul Balls are softballs that pass over the inbounds line after they are hit.   A foul line is marked in white chalk at the right and the left sides of the play area. Any softball hit outside of this line is foul and the players cannot run on these hits. A foul ball hit by the batter gives him one strike, unless he already has two, and then it will count as a ball.  

Base Path

All the plays should say between a given base path or they can be thrown out. An imaginary line in each base is assumed that all the players are granted permission to run up to three feet on the base path. This allows space for the players while maintaining them in the base path.

Hit By a Pitch

A base is given to a batter who is struck by a ball that is thrown by the pitcher, outside of the strike zone. The count of the at bat doesn’t matter, as being hit by a pitch is an assured base. If there is already a player on first base, they may advance a base.

Striking a player with a pitch is normally a mishap. If this mishap becomes routine, it is treated as bad sportsmanship. The player is encouraged to avoid the hit by a pitch although this is not always easy.

Softball Accessories

Some softball accessories are necessary to play the game, and some just make playing the game easier or more efficient. 


  • It is a rounded shape of about 11-12 inches around. It is made of hard leather


  • They are made of aluminum or composite material. The “Beach Bum” softball bat from Spiderz is made of composite materials.  The design is sure to impress spectators of any game that you use it in.  This top quality bat can withstand many years of use, and will surely help you hit it out of the park!


  • Batting gloves are usually leather and give added friction for holding the bat.  Spiderz offers a variety of batting glove options that will give you added friction when you are at bat.  Spiderz even offers custom batting gloves, giving you the option to truly express yourself during your games. 
  • Fielding gloves and catcher's mitts are required to protect players hands from impact with the ball. Spiderz has a great selection of fielding gloves, and an option to create a custom fielding glove. Spiderz fielding gloves are made from high quality materials and are sure to enhance your performance on the field!


  • These specialized shoes are worn by every player to prevent slipping and sliding. They have metal or molded rubber or plastic studs to increase your ability to run without slipping.


  • Catchers wear a mask to protect their face from harm.  This can be both from a ball, a bat, or impact from a player running into home plate.


  • These protect the batter from head injuries.  

Catcher’s Gear

  • Playing the position of catcher puts you in situations that are more physically threatening than most other positions.  Catchers wear added protective gear to keep them safe.  They wear helmets, face guards, shin and leg pads, and throat protectors.