Baseball Swag

Show Your Baseball Swag

Baseball is one of the best team sports that you can participate in.  Communication with your teammates is essential to performing well as a team.  As with any team sport, you are only as good as your weakest player, so all effort goes to working together in unity.  

Because baseball is a team sport, there are not many opportunities to shine as an individual and show your baseball swag.  For the most part, your uniform is mandated by your team or league, and there is little opportunity to stand out. 

There are still aspects of a baseball uniform that can be specialized or chosen individually.  Spiderz offers an array of distinctive products that will allow you to showcase some of your baseball swag and personality on the field.

Show Your Baseball Swag- Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are a part of your uniform that is not usually issued or specified by your team, and is a good way to insert your personality or style into your game. 

Spiderz batting gloves offer truly unique and top of the line protection at an extremely affordable price.   All web and hybrid models feature a silicone spider web fused into the palm for grip enhancement.  The endite model features a one piece premium textured leather palm. Spiderz batting gloves will definitely add some swag to your uniform!

Show Your Baseball Swag- Custom Batting Gloves

Spiderz even has a custom batting glove option.   They currently offer their Hybrid and Endite varieties, and are fully customizable.

The minimum order is twelve, which makes this a great option for teams.   Wearing matching gloves with your teammates can make your appearance as a team even more cohesive. 

There are over thirteen different things that you can customize on the front of the glove, alone!  For each customizable batting glove option, there are over sixteen different colors to choose from!

Show Your Baseball Swag- Fielding Gloves

Not many sites offer the option of a customizable fielding glove.  There are between fourteen and eighteen color options to choose from for each customizable option.

Spiderz actually has three different options available to choose from.  Their current options are the H Web, I Web, and T Trapeze.

Show Your Baseball Swag- Bat Grip

Spiderz offers so many products that allow you to show some flair.  Spiderz bat grip tape is available in eight different styles.  Bat grip tape can get wrapped around the handle of your baseball bat.  These colored bat grips offer improved friction as well as some style.

Adding a bat grip to your bat allows you to have a better grip on your bat while still adding some aesthetics to your bat.  Adding a bat grip can really add to the overall appearance of your baseball bat. 

Show Your Baseball Swag- Spiderz

Once you have been playing baseball for a while, and you are very comfortable with the game, you might find yourself looking for ways to stand out on your team.  Spiderz offers products that will allow anyone to shine and display their baseball swag!